я так тебя люблю

Умей любить чужого ребенка. Никогда не делай чужому то, что не хотел бы,чтобы другие сделали твоему

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Marilyn manson - Sweet Dreams (Official Video)

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This songs base rocka.

(Deleted comment)
my god Marilyn Manson is so hot! i love his make up! and like really all his music has such meaning behind them <3.

Ur hello emo worship the devil.

(Deleted comment)
This site is only for Marilyn Fans!!.

dear, you are being insult !!.

If i worship the devil, This should not annoy your ass!! And come on fuck off from this site!! Go piss somewhere else.

So your logic is that if someone doesn't like the Illuminati then they die it means their real?.

(Deleted comment)
What you shut your ass? reply to my last comment?? MM rulz on your crappy ass!!.

what the fuck is wrong with you?.

@406 then y did u come here theres the door ---_--- over there.

the thing is though, re-makes are still great, wearing make-up isnt because he likes looking like a girl he wants to be noticed as different and he has been. you just made it sound like you'd praise the people that wher to beat him up well that is disgusting, he poses no threat to you or anyone else, he's a musician make up is part of rock n roll, always has been, always will be. look up Kiss, Black veil brides there two other amazing bands. that have more talent than your over used radio music..

What the fuck is wrong with that fag?.

Yeah i agree with you!!!.

yeah what the fuck is wrong with you?.

(Deleted comment)
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